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☆ギャル Add Me☆
Recent Entries 
3rd-Sep-2010 07:26 pm - Add <3
☆Name: Leah
☆Nickname: Icy
☆Age/Birthdate(MM/DD): 19 (jan 8)
☆Location: Los Angelessss
☆Style: Um..gal? lol. I love brands like emoda, I love mode style.
☆Circle (if in one): none
☆Blog: my livejournal. I'm thinking of making a blog though.
☆Looking for: Friends to talk to, even more than just fashion! It would be nice to see people in my area, too (:

and now I have brown hair, big change, but not many pictures of it, yet (just took this one on my webcam lol

1st-Sep-2010 06:56 pm - ♛☆Intro Post!☆♛
Baby Doll
☆Name:  Kate
☆Nickname:  Nozomi (I guess?? LOL.)
☆Age/Birthdate(MM/DD):  21 years old (12/01)
☆Location: St. Louis, MO  (originally from Pittsburgh, PA)
☆Style: casual hime, sweet-kei, dolly-kei....
☆Circle (if in one): Chance
☆Blog: http://prettykissblog.blogspot.com
☆Looking for:  Friends, gals to chat with, gal penpals, etc.

More recent:

One More.


1st-Sep-2010 02:25 pm - Necro!
☆Name: Cassandra
☆Nickname: Necro
☆Age/Birthdate(MM/DD):21 12/6
☆Location: Indiana,USA
☆Style: Agejo/Rocker Gal
☆Circle (if in one): Bad Gals
☆Blog: http://necronomnom.blogspot.com/
☆Looking for: Friends and New members, Whatever is Clever.

31st-Aug-2010 02:45 pm - ★ INTRODUCTION POST ★ (Michi)
Hey hey... Whats up everyone?
Its nice meeting you all~ n_n
Anyways, here is my Intro post!
Name: Michelle
Nickname: Michi or Mishi
Age/Birthdate(MM/DD): 25yr / July 8th
Location: So Cali , L.A.
Style: Lil bit of every thing~ most  Onee.
Circle (if in one): Diamond  gals !!!
Looking for: MORE GALS !!!! So we could take over the WORLD!!!!!! XD LOL
   Ummm... people that could help us with gal events and people with connections.
   I guess just anyone really that really loves gal fashion. n_n
   I am here to HELP anyone~ so don't be shy to add me and be friends with me~

30th-Aug-2010 01:04 pm - エレナちゃん
 ☆Name: Elena
☆Nickname: Hikari, Cherry orrr エレナちゃん
☆Age/Birthdate(MM/DD): 10/07
☆Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.
☆Style: Gyaru-kei (sometimes Agejo, would like to try Rokku and Manba)
☆Circle (if in one): None. ;__;
☆Blog:  http://ilovecherrybarbie.blogspot.com/
☆Looking for: Friends, Others around east coast area, Gyaru's in Tokyo, Japan too I am planning to live there for a year in 2011, ^^
☆Picture(s): Photobucket Photobucket
29th-Aug-2010 11:37 pm - Intro!
☆Name: Tasman
☆Nickname: Michiko/Tiny
☆Age/Birthdate(MM/DD): 16 08/30
☆Location: British Columbia, Canada
☆Style: Gyaru-Kei(manba here and there)
☆Circle (if in one): SakuranBomb
☆Blog: http://cherrypopcandy.blogspot.com/
☆Looking for: Friends and New members, anyone really.
11th-Dec-2011 11:11 am - いらしゃいます!

Welcome to ギャル Add Me ^0^/ !!!
This community is made for every new and veteran Gyaru/Gyaru-o who is looking to meet more people in their area! The main purpose for this is to meet new people, make more friends, and have fun ^-^ Please make sure to read and follow the rules as well as make an introduction post about yourself. You can (if you want) also mention what you're looking for; mentor, friend, circle recruit, etc etc ~__^
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